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FT Apps prepared a big pack of updates, including the apps: “Can you solve it?”, “Tiles Puzzle” and “Peg Solitaire”. Besides the fix in some bugs reported by the users, a reformulation in the apps icons was made. There are also some specific modifications for each app, check it out:

Can you solve it?Can you solve it?

Bugs caused by trying to move pieces with more than one finger were fixed. A little problem, that results in people solving the puzzle in less than 81 moves, was also fixed. Besides, the solution, which was very requested by the users, and the option to remove the ads from the screen were included in the game, both as in-app purchases.

Tiles PuzzleTiles Puzzle

A big frustration of Tiles Puzzle players was not being able to move a row of tiles at once. This feature was included in this version. Some bugs caused by trying to move the tiles with more than one finger were also fixed. Some others minor bugs were fixed and the icon was reformulated, as mentioned before.

Peg SolitairePeg Solitaire

There was a bug caused by dragging one peg with one finger and then, if you try to drag another peg with other finger, the first one stay “flying” in the screen, not returning to the original position or going to the target position. This problem was fixed. There were some others minor bugs that were also fixed and ads from the iAd platform were included in the game. Just remembering that the user has always the option to remove the ads from the game, using the in-app purchase.

All these updates were already submitted for approval and are in review by Apple. As soon as they are released we will inform here in the site.

Stay tuned!

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