FT Apps started developing mobile applications in 2009, seeing in the brand new App Store created by Apple a great business opportunity. Since then, focused in the entertainment segment, the company developed some successful games and is always looking for innovation in its new releases.

The quality of FT Apps applications can be confirmed by the feedback of its users, which took all its productions to the top of the ranking of the most downloaded apps. All company games have already been in the Top 10 ranking from the Brazilian App Store, with emphasis on Tiles Puzzle, which reached the 3rd place in the USA App Store Top Free Apps ranking.

Click on the image to open the report in MacMagazine website (in Portuguese)

Apps updates are often released, always thinking in improving the user experience and satisfaction. Do not forget to visit the applications page, to learn more about FT Apps games.

The company develops apps for many different purposes. Would you like to have an app of your company or brand in the App Store? Contact us for a free quote.